Things are luckier here!


Friday 01/29 Becky Mann, Florence - UR Worth It and Dee Hartley, Florence - Safeway/Florence

Saturday 01/30 Les Hamilton, Florence - Grocery Outlet and Terri Taniguchi, Florence - Safeway/Florence

Sunday 01/31  Les Hamilton, Florence - Safeway/Florence and Don Jordan, Florence - El Mariachi Restaurant

Monday 02/01 Dan Wilhelmi, Florence - Safeway/Florence and Robin Pace, Florence - Safeway/Florence

Tuesday 02/02 Brenda McDaniel, Westlake - Three Rivers Casino Resort and Cheryl Jordan, Florence - Bella's Salon

Wednesday 02/03 Brenda McDaniel, Westlake - Grocery Outlet and Carolyn Tweedy, Florence - Big Dog Donuts & Deli

Thursday 02/04 Robert Brown, Florence - Oceanside Vet Hospital and Eli Korab, Florence - Blue Dolphin Antiques











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