Things are Luckier Here

Wednesday 07/16 Carolyn Nordahl, Florence -Copeland Lumber Yards and Chuck Waide, Florence- Oceanside Veterinary Hospital

Thursday 07/17 Ed Kopilec, Florence - Florence Liquor Agency and Ed Kopilec, Florence - Florence Liquor Agency

Friday 07/18 Lois Warde, Florence - Safeway and Cheryle Gruesz, Florence - U R Worth It

Saturday 07/19 John O'Malley, Florence - Safeway and Joe Holt, Florence - Safeway

Sunday 07/20 Lori Coffindaffer, Florence - Sears and Jodie Cole, Florence - Safeway

Monday 07/21  Linda McPhedran, Florence - Grocery Outlet and Sherry Burch , Florence - Three Rivers Casino and Hotel

Tuesday 07/22  Dennis Sydow, Florence - Safeway and Donna Henderson, Florence - Rosie's  Art Carnival



Community Cash

Community Cash