Things are luckier here!


Friday 07/24 Heather Havin, Florence - Safeway and David Mason, Eugene - Safeway

Saturday 07/25 Bea Vanderpool, Florence - Safeway and Clara Anderson-Kuhn, Florence - Bella's Salon

Sunday 07/26 Donna Tervo, Florence - The Firehouse Restaurant and Donna Tervo, Florence - Safeway

Monday 07/27 Jean Raabe, Eugene - Safeway and Brenda McDaniel, Westlake - Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant

Tuesday 07/28 Bob Loren, Florence - Safeway and Lynette Wikstrom, Florence - Bridgeport Market

Wednesday 07/29 Robert Riggs, Florence - Rite Aid and Richard Klump, Florence - Oceanside vet Hospital

Thursday 07/30 Tiana Gallopickett, Tulare,Ca. - Safeway and Ralph Maffia, Tulare, Ca. - Muffler Works











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