Things are Luckier Here

Bingo Sessions are as follows.

Monday morning session-Doors open at 8:30am, Speed games at 10:00am, Early Birds at 11:00am followed by Warm Ups and Regular games.

Monday is senior day. If you are 55 years or older and you bingo on a regular game during the Early Bird session, you will receive the published payout and a dollar for every year of your age.

Bingo Wednesday Evening Sessions- Doors open at 4:00, Speed session starting at 5:00, Warm-ups start at 6:00, followed by our regular games.

2014 Bingo Specials
-Saturday May 10th Mothers Day Weekend Bingo Bash!
-Saturday June 28th Bingo Bash 10th Anniversary Bingo Bash!
-Saturday & Sunday August 16th, 17th 2 Day Bingo Tournament (Details to follow)
-Saturday December 27th Holiday Bingo Bash

Monday Session
Wednesday Session