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  • Flash Cash

    To get your heart pumping look no further than Flash Cash. If you dream of a rendezvous with riches, this is the game for you. Flash Cash is a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to pay out before it reaches $1,000.00. Best of all, you can win, even if you’re not the player that hits the jackpot; Players Club members who are using their card in a slot machine when those bells start a’ringin’ will automatically win $10.00 in free slot play. With Flash Cash, you could be that lucky jackpot winner, or you can actually win without winning!

  • Jackpot Winner Mike & Terri $5,000.00

    Congrats Mike & Terri!


    Oregon Coast Casino
  • Million dollar winner!!!!!

    From Big Steaks to Big STAKES!
    Million $ Jackpot at Three Rivers

    FLORENCE, Ore.—A Springfield business woman who, along with her husband, enjoys a good steak at Three Rivers Casino’s PRIME Steakhouse, got an even bigger stake for dessert when she won a $1.2 Million jackpot at the Florence casino last night.

    The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, had been playing the MegaBucks slot machine for about 15 minutes when the jackpot, totaling $1,199,337.06, lit up the machine and started the bells ringing.

    Three River Casino & Hotel