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Online Poker Vs. Live Poker at Three Rivers Casino

Some poker fans will swear up and down that online poker is the best thing to happen to mankind since the invention of electricity, while others will tell you that a good, old-school poker game at a casino is the only way to play. Some people love one option and hate the other, and some people enjoy both. Either way, there’s no denying that the Internet has changed our lives, including how people play poker. Now there are two options for real-money poker: at a traditional casino like Three Rivers Casino or in an online poker room like our own online Double Down Casino (coming soon!). Players have been exploring their gambling options online and have found that there are advantages and disadvantages to online poker games. With so many options, players are taking another look at how they want to spend their gambling dollars. How do you decide: live or online poker? Read on for some things to consider.

Photo: Ross Elliott

Live Poker Games

There is something wonderful about sitting down at a live poker game at Three Rivers Casino, playing the game the way it was meant to be played, feeling the traditional table felt beneath your fingers and soaking in the excitement and fun around you. Live poker games also give you the immeasurable advantage of sitting down with your opponents; you talk to them and watch the way they play. This gives you the opportunity to read them, and if you’ve read them right and you’re a skilled player, it can turn a poker game in your favor, giving you an opportunity to win big. The face-to-face camaraderie and competition are what make live poker so much fun. Remember Matt Damon and Edward Norton playing no limit Texas Hold’em in the classic poker movie, Rounders? That’s what we’re talking about!

Another advantage of a live game is that it makes you think more about what you’re spending. When you’re pulling real bills out of your wallet and putting them on the table, you remember in no uncertain terms that you’re spending real money. In online poker, your bankroll is a virtual number that can take several days to cash out, so it can sometimes be easier to spend more than you meant to.

If your objective is to have as much fun as possible, playing against real opponents that you can see and read, check out the Weekly Tournaments we have going here in Florence.

Online Poker Rooms

The biggest advantage of online poker games is that they are always available. There are literally thousands of real money tables online, offering every game of poker you can imagine, 24/7 all year round. Whereas you might be able to play one or two tournaments a day at a casino, the options are limitless online. So while you don’t have the same ability to read your opponents in online poker as you do in a live game—because you generally can only interact with them via a chat box—you do have the advantage of being able to play every day. And, as well as a huge variety of online poker games, there are also a wide variety of stakes, including micro stake tables with bets in the pennies; these are almost never available at casinos.

If you’re interested in daily play or you want to try your hand at making money on a regular basis playing poker, and you can play smart and aggressively in a lightning fast game, then online poker may be right up your alley. Online poker games are much faster than traditional live games, (sometimes more than 100 hands in an hour) and you can multi-table, so you can play a lot of games in much less time. For some people, this takes all the fun out of the game, but for others it’s a winning combination.

Whether you’re a traditionalist at the poker table, or a fan of daily online games, or you’re somewhere in the middle, Three Rivers Casino has the poker game you’re looking for. Join one of our live tournaments Thursdays through Sundays. And remember that Three Rivers Casino & Hotel has over 90 oversized deluxe rooms and elegant suites, as well as five award-winning restaurants, so you can extend your poker fun for a few days whenever you want. And for you online poker players who want to play from the comfort of your computer chair, stay tuned for word on our online casino, Double Down Casino.

Head over to the coast for some casino fun and try your hand at a game of poker while you’re here. Give us a call if you have any questions.